Editorial & type design
Code & generative design
3D Graphics and animations
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Language of programme, programme of language.
  Starting with the notion of programme as explained by Karl Gestner, This research tries to look at the role of language and self-expression in creative coding and also how the language itself act as a programme.
  Printed with an old dot matrix printer on perforated 4-color form paper.

Memory, communication, Spacetime
  Poster system for the conferance series of ENSBA-Lyon.
  Left half dedicated to previous conference and its documentation. Right half dedicated to next conference and its information.
  Screen print and Lettering on offset print

Graphical research on territories of time and identity
  Superposition of Persian and Gregorian calendars
  Riso print on old French Post Calendars

Typeface Revival
  Condensed Regular typeface design based on an old liquor label.

Controling the halftones or "The devil is in the detail"
  Image halftoning software with various halftone forms.   Vector export and control on the size and the angle of the forms.
  Made with Processing

Borges' Imaginary territories
  The programme chooses randomly among 25 characters and print it on screen. Each character is associated with a line with a specific angle. The succession of the lines, forms imaginary territories.
  Theatrically if the programme keeps on running forever, we would have all the existing and imaginary territories and texts.
  This programme is then translated to a printed object. In the printing technic the notion of chance and accident is maintained.
  - Riso on painted laser prints

The pleasure of decryption
  The video is taken of a street bookseller who censures book covers autonomously. This graphical essay tries to translate the video into an editorial object, questioning the formal and conceptual aspects of an encrypted image (thought).

ٍٍLimited choices can make unlimited Possibilities
  Contribution to Ficciones Typografika project by Erik Brandt.
  By rearranging the letters of the word "VOTE" in Persian language, the words "YES" and "COMPANIONSHIP" can be made.

ٍٍLanguage superpositions
  Editorial design for the poetic texts of “Marie Farouza” as a part of the “Parlante” poetry journal - ENSBA Lyon
  Offset print on 40gr paper.

ٍٍPhotography and Text
  I get to the scene between two moments. Something has happened or something will happen. The space is filled with mental presence. Apart from the everyday objects, the absence and the imaginable narrations form the composition of the photos. As the elements of the photos refer us to a signified out of the frame, this can be a try to achieve a photographic language.
  I translate my Farsi poetic texts to French by proposing two or three translations for some words. Making it possible for different possibilities of reading and different interpretations. This shows the impossibility of translation as well as its necessity (Walter Benjamin).
  Color print + laser engraving on cardboard for the cover.

The sound of type
  Video experimentation in which words are distorted when seen through the water that is vibrated by sound.
  Words and sound are edited form the THX1138 Movie

Collaboration with “Louis BROUSSEAUD”
Workshop with Thomas Huot-Marchand and Alice Savoie

Workshop with Marco Balesteros
My Iranian American friend was going to go to palestine to work as a journalist. on his way we met and he gave me the map of Iran he had with him noticing that he should hide his Iranian identity to be allowed to enter!
Poster + 9 cards + publication

Editorial design of the “How To Build Your Own living structures by Ken Isaacs”
/ Text-Image Group project with ANDALI Paul, BESSET Noémie, BROUSSEAUD Louis, JOHNSON Robyn, LAVERNHE Xavier, MURAT-CHARPENTIER Luca, ROY Mélanie

All the book is the computer code of the cover photo.
the cover photo is the screen shot of personal documents and identities left on public computers.

Computer generated posters (typeface specimens) based on different algorithms.

video made for the proposition of Lucas Volpe for the “prix de paris”
26 seconds on repeat
3Ds Max + Montage video

Internship Project in “Studio Melli”

11 nets of a cube as a fictive exhibiton space for a exhibiton of minimalist art
3D printed architectural model, 3d simulated video of the model interior, 11 catalogues and live projection of the installation.

Exhibited in “Art Moves” festival – Toruń, Poland / 2013
Exhibited in “Image of the Year” festival – Tehran, Iran / 2012
23rd Place in “Walls Down” festival – Lima, Peru / 2011

Logo Design

Collaboration with “Dayoung Lee” & “Esteve del Canto”
Installation of the objects, Performance video, publication